9th Aug 2023 -SBAU> A meeting was held in Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University( SBAU) audit to discuss about  the ongoing biogas digestion project using dry digestion system and its expansion at field levels,on জ্বালানি নিরাপত্তা দিবস . The meeting was attended by Dr. Jahangir Alam of SBAU  and BBDF team members- Mr. Gofran , Mr. Naimul Haque  ,Engr. Rowshan and Mr. Shahed Khan,as seen in Photo!

1st Aug-2023 -UNDP> A meeting was held with UNDP .The officials were led by Mr. Prasenjit Chakma and BBDF team was composed of Mr. Mahobul and Mr. Shahed Khan,as seen in the photograph.The meeting was held to discuss introduction of renewable energy,specially biogas for providing electricity and gas to garment factories as planned by H&M , through the auspices of UNDP.

27th Jul- 23-DAD project visit at SBAU>The photographs  shows a digester used in dry anaerobic digestion pilot program being executed by BBDF with SBAU.